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We very often associate the word "appreciation" with the study of Music. Now what is "Music Appreciation" but the study of the lives of the composers, the works they have given to the world, with its influence on every day living? Then why should we not study "History Appreciation", for, in reviewing the lives of those who have been prominent in the making of history, we are, in reality, studying the thoughts and actions of our forefathers who went forth for the development of our country and the neighboring countries of the world.

The dictionary says, "Appreciation is the proper recognition of worth or merit." So, it seems only proper that we should recognize the worth and merit of those who have gone before us, their work having fitted in, piece by piece, with the works of others, all guided by the hand of God who sees that all things are made for the best. And so, this world of today becomes a mirror of the history of yesterday.

Would we all be so willing to take for granted the privilege of living in our present surroundings if we were to study more "History Appreciation" and, in so doing, recognize the hardships of our forefathers in the building of our world of today?

M. F. B.

This number of the Quarterly concludes the report upon the Re-creation of Penn's Manor, showing the skill of the archeologist, the unsparing documental research of the staff, and the mature experience in early Colonial architecture of our Berwyn architect, preliminary to the erection of the replicas at Pennsbury. The completed work is a marvel of coordination of talent and conscientious attention to detail. It is to be hoped that there remain enough funds available to complete tho project and beautify the grounds, as originally planned.

"Whereas, the survey of all the cemeteries of all the state is a matter of recognized importance because of the historical and genealogical data which such surveys yield and whereas, thus far only several of the counties of Pennsylvania have made such surveys; and whereas, the surveys of the Veterans' graves have brought to light exceedingly valuable information, not otherwise available, and whereas, the maps and charts of the cemeteries thus surveyed by the Veterans Bureau are available for use in the wider survey of all the graves of the various cemeteries; Be it Resolved, that the Federation heartily endorse the survey of all the cemeteries of the state, urges that such surveys of the various counties be undertaken, and that our local historical organizations sponsor those surveys in every county of the Commonwealth."

In response to the recommendation of the Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies assembled at Harrisburg, April 10, 1941, we have begun the first installment of a hoped-for complete survey of our local cemeteries, the importance of which, from a historical and genealogical standpoint, cannot be overestimated. It is a work in which the merest tyro can compete with the most accomplished historian, and should be done before so many of the marble tombstone inscriptions have become undecipherable.

F. L. B.


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