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Source: April, 1966 Volume 14 Number 1, Page 16

St. Luke's School

Page 16

St. Luke's School, about a mile north of Wayne, Pennsylvania, closed in June, 1927. Shortly before that its buildings had been sold to provide a club-house and service buildings for the St. David's Golf Club whose new course adjoined just to the north. The golf club used the buildings for one season only then sold them in 1929 to Valley Forge Military Academy after fire destroyed the Devon Park Hotel where the military school had been founded the year before. Three of St. Luke's buildings, all remodeled, still stand today among the magnificent modern Valley Forge edifices.

The history of St. Luke's School went back to 1863. It was started as a boys' school by Mrs. Jane Crawford who conducted classes in her home, Ury House, in Fox Chase. The school which enjoyed an excellent reputation, then was known as Ury House School. In 1884 Charles H. Strout, one of Mrs. Crawford's teachers, took charge and moved it to Bustleton where it became known as St. Luke's because of its connection with the local Episcopal church of that name. The move to Wayne took place in 1902. Mr. Strout was still headmaster when the school closed its doors. From the Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin September 25, 1960.


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