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Source: October 1966 Volume 14 Number 2, Pages 40–48

Tombstone records of the Great Valley Baptist Church (continued)

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Twenty-five years ago, as a matter of historical record, the Tredyffrin-Easttown History Club began to list and publish the information found on the tombstones of the cemeteries in this vicinity. These records are data of primary importance for future historians, genealogists, and other researchers. Volunteer groups of members of the Club visited the cemeteries and copied the inscription on every tombstone. The names with the accompanying information and epitaphs were then arranged in alphabetic order, typed, and published. The records of the Valley Friends cemetery were printed first. Then the publication of the large list of the Great Valley Baptist cemetery was begun, and four parts of it were published in Volumes V and VI; 1942 and 1943. This took up to the ubiquitous Welsh name Jones, and only about half of these. For several issues of the Quarterly there was room for no more graveyard records, and when another installment was planned the alphabetized typescript could not be found. The records of the Old Salem Church were published instead. After having been lost for twenty years the Great Valley Baptist list has turned up, and we continue these basic records herewith. The Editor

LYNAM, Ethel Warner, 1892 - 1921

LYNCH, Emily. 8/26/1867 - 3/2/1905.
Mary F. Fenimore. dau. Francis & Martha Fenimore, 8/26/1867 to 3/2/1905
Sarah, d. 5/26/1911, aged 75 years.

MacKNIGHT, Thomas S. 5/31/1870 - 12/2/1925. (P. 0. S. A marker)

MacPHERSON, John, d. 12/2/1865, aged 72 years.
John. d. 4/11/1859, aged 30 years.
Mary. W. John, d. 3/3/1863, aged 71 years, "Prepare to meet thy God"
Thomas. S. John & Mary, d. 8/13/1837 aged 7/1.17.
"There is beyond the sky
A heaven of joy and love
And all God's children when they die
Go to that world above."

McCALLOM,Jane. 7/10/1907, aged 42 years.

McCARTY, Alfred J. 1824-1918. (Joint altar-tomb with Mary G. & John H)
Charles E. s. Alfred J. & Mary G. 7/15/1848-6/4/1901.
John H. s. Alfred & Mary G. 1859-1865.
Mary G. w. Alfred, 1819-1891.
William G. husband Sarah, 3/23/1851 - 11/18/1904.
"Our loss his gain"

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Annie S. Rittenhouse, w. Wm. 1862-1926
William, 1860-1931. "Father"

Alice, w. Mannassa, d. 6/5/1815, aged 36 1/24.
Joseph, 2/21/1790 - 4/13/1882. "Peacefully Rest"
Mannassa A. d. 12/23/1862, 51st year. "To my husband"
Sarah. w. Michael, d. 4/18/1848. aged 70/8/0/ "She was a member Great Valley Baptist Church 59 years & 10 months."
"Illness sore I long have bore
Physicians prove in vain
Till Christ did please to give me ease
And free me from my pain."
Sarah, 12/25/1808 - 1/30/1891

Alexander, 1849 - 1908, "Father"
Anna V. 1872 - 1930. "Sister"
Harry A. 1918 - 1918.
Ida Morris, w. Harry L. 1889 - 1925
Margaret, 1849 - 1929.

Sarah w. John & dau. Willis & Catherine Davis, d. 3/29/1856, aged 20/1/18
"She sleeps in Jesus and is blest
How sweet her slumbers are
From suffering and from sin released
She's freed from every snare
Weep not for me my husband dear
I am not dead but sleeping here
Sleep on thou lov'd one take thy rest
God called thee home he thought best

Ellen. d. 12/28/1900, aged 77 years.
Sarah. 1827 - 1922

Eleanor. dau. Edward & Eleanor 2/9/1896 - 2/18/1908
Eleanor. W. Alexander, 1848 - 1936.

Dennis. Sgt. Co. E, 3 Pa. Cav. (Flag)

Margaret. 1840 - 1926. "Mother"

Ellen P. 2/20/1844 - 6/10/1922.

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Mary, w. Archibold & youngest dau. Rev. David Jones. "in hope of a Glorious resurrection She finished her course July the 20th, 1804, aged 37 years, 5 months, for if we believe that Jesus died, and rose again even them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him riches." (Altar tomb).

McMILLIAN. Eleanor Fay. 1924 - 1927.

Hannah. w. James d. 11/3/1830, 55th/ year.-
James, d. 12/28/1862, 77th year, (St. John, 11, 25).
Markley. s. James & Sarah, 5/21/1834 - 1/31/1845.
"Ere sin could fade or sorrow blight
Death came with friendly cure
This opening bud to heaven conveyed
And bade it blossom there."
Samuel. d. 7/24/1871, aged 40th year.
Sarah. d. 5/2S/1874, aged 83 years.
Thomas. 2/7/1874 - 3/27/1909.

MACK. William. 1854 - 1921. "At Rest"

MADDEN. John A. d.4/9/1925, Co. M, 3rd. Pa. Vol. (Flag).
John M. d. 4/18/1906, Co. A. l09th Reg. Pa. Vol. (Flag).

MAGAW. Sarah. A native of Ireland, d. 2/13/1835, aged 37 years.
"Jesus saith unto her I am the resurrection & the life he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live also Then while you hear my heart strings break How sweet my minutes roll A mortal paleness on my cheek And glory in my soul."

MALONY. Frances. dau. Josua & Adeline, d. 4/29/1835, aged 1/11/29.

MARTIN. Henry, Infant s., d. 7/11/1872.
Josephine, w. William, 9/29/1843 - 5/2/1900. "At Rest"
William. 3/12/1839 - 11/8/1913. Sergeant Co.E, 11th Reg. Pa. Vol. Cav Enrolled 8/1862. Discharged 8/l864. "At Rest" (G.A.R. flag).

MASSEY. "Henry Vogdes. 10/8/1861 - 12/2/1914.
Jacob. 9/29/1792 - 4/20/1816. "Our Father"
Rebecca, w. Jacob, 11/5/1795 - 2/18/1862. "Our Mother"
"Calmly did she pass to the realm of peace"

MATSON. Leah, w. John, d. 8/7/1806, 39th. year.

MEHARG. Samuel J. 1858 - 1916.

MEISS. Anna D. 1795 - 1871. (Joint stone with BROWER).

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MILES. Catherine. consort Doctor Enos, d. 2/15/1816 aged 70 yrs.

MILLER. Elma Philips, w. Lewis, 1850 - 1923. (D.A.R. flag)
James, Sr. 1886 - 1939. "At Rest"
Lewis, 1849 - 1939
M. Ira 1884 - 1938.

MINSHALL. Edward M. 1869 - 1912
Marian. 1894 - 1915.

MOORE. Catherine dau. James & Hannah Abraham, 4/18/1779 - 1/9/1832.
Charles, d. 5/10/1903, 77th. year.
Deborah. dau; Samuel & Lydia. 1832 - 1912.
Dinah. w. John,& dau. John & Merian Eastburn, d. 4/1/1836, aged 53/5/
Isaac E. d. 9/2/1842, aged 31/11/24.
Jane. w. Wm.,d. 9/3/1883, 77th. year.
John. d. l0/14/l843, aged 61/5/17
John M. 10/12/1809 - 7/14/1831.
"Lord what is a poor feeble man
Born of the earth at first
His life a shadow light and vain
Still hastening to the dust."
Jonathan, d. 3/22/1852, aged 60 years (Flag)
"Lord he was thine we murmur not
Though all our hearts be hidden
And we are sad and lonely now
While he's at rest in heaven."
Josephine. dau. Jonathan & Margaret, 12/24/1829 - 3/2/1833.
Lydia D. d. 1/14/1368, aged 73/8/4.
Margaret. w. Jonathan, d. 10/8/1876, aged 76 years.
"I am free from toil and trouble now
And rest beneath my silent grave
And peaceful are my slumbers now
In my lowly bed."
Mary, also Michael. (No dates).
Mordecai. d. 2/18/1813, aged 77/10/0.
Mullen. d. 9/19/1347, aged 55 years. (Flag).
Rees, S. Jonathan & Margaret, d. 12/23/1891. age 54 yrs. (G.A.R. flag).
Samuel D. d. 2/23/1861 aged 79/0/11, (Psalms, 127, 2).
Sarah. W. Mordecai, d. 9/21/1820, aged 66/7/0.
Washington, d. 1/23/1888,aged 73 yrs. priv Co. A, Pa. Cav. (G.A.R. flag)
William. d. 11/2/1878, aged 76 years.

MORCE, Anna Tyson. 1891 - 1936.

MORE. Thomas, d. 8/29/1746, aged 67 years.

MORGAN. Janet, w. Thomas, d. 5/14/1769, aged 33 years
Mary, dau. James & Mary Davis & Relict Mordecai, d. 7/29/1832;
Aged 79/1/13 (Matthew 5,8).
Thomas, d. 8/26/1775, 22nd. year.

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MORRISON, Jennie. 1869 - 1929 (Joint stone with W. John).
Matilda. 1836 - 1924.
Tillie. dau. Michael & Matilda, 1870 - 1937.
W. John. 1864 - 1915.

MORTON. Edward D. 1/19/1845 - 9/27/1883.
Harriet E. 1857 - 1939.
Lizzie. (No inscription).
Mary, 6/1/1817 - 4/15/1907.
Thomas C. 1848 - 1911.
Thomas. d. 5/3/l855 aged 41/6/8. "This Tablet was erected by employees on the Phil., Wilmington & Baltimore R. Road in memory of their late friend & associate who died suddenly. He was esteemed for his many virtues by all who knew him."

MULLEN. Elizabeth, d. 5/26/1873, aged 82/0/5.
Jacob C. d. 12/29/1842, aged 5th year.
John. d. 9/19/1847, aged 54/8/26. (G.A.R. Flag)
John. 1866 - 1938.
Joseph F. 1824 - 1909.
Marion C. 1879 - 1939. (Joint stone with John).
Owen. S. s. Joseph & Sarah aged 3 years.
Sarah E. 1840 - 1924.

MUNSHOWER. Martha D. consort Samuel T. d. 3/31/1851, aged 37/4/29.
"O may I stand before the lamb
When earth and seas are fled
And hear the Judge pronouncement make
With blessings on my head."
Samuel T. 1813 - 1901.
Wilmer. s. Samuel & Martha, d. 2/24/l848, aged 2/2/28.

MURPHY. Hannah V. w. John G., 2/7/1827 - 5/29/1875.
"In memory of my mother."

MYERS. Susanna B. 1900 - 1922.

NESPER. Clarence W. 1892 - 1917. "Husband"
Florence L. 1896 - 1918.
John H. 1854 - 1907.
Lillie E. 1854 - 1913

NEWHOUSE. Charles, 1848 - 1870,
Henry, 1860 - 1920.
William. 1852 - 1921 (Joint fam, mon. with Brower fam.)

NICHOLS. Eliza, w. Isaac J. (dau. Jacob & Maria Rennard) d.6.23.1877. 37 yr.
Martha Serrill, 1870 - 1934.
Rennard. d. 6/23/1877, 37th year.

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NIPPLES, Ann Elizabeth. 1854 - 1928. "Mother"
George L. 1846 - 1923. "Father"

NOBLET. William. Co. A, 138 Pa. Inf. (G.A.R. flag).

NUZUM. Margaret R. dau. William & Sallie, 1882-1929.

OGDEN. Ann H. w. James G.d. 10/22/1863, aged 59th year.
James G. 2/1/1804 - 1/8/1890
James L. d. 4/8/1850, aged 41 years.
Lawrence H. s. James G.& Ann H. d.2/27/1863, 30th year.

OLIVER. Ann Brooke. w. John, 1811 - 1905.
John J. d. 5/5/1869, aged 65/11/20. (G.A.R. flag).

O'NEILL. Charles. d. 3/7/1880, aged 77 years.
"I have fought a good fight
I have finished my course
I have kept the faith."
Francis, d. 2/24/1846, 69th year. (Flag).
"My life is past my pains are o'er
My voice on earth is heard no more
Tho in this grave my body lies
My spirit lives above the skies."
Maria, consort Charles, & dau. James & Elizabeth Dimpey, d. 6/15/1832, aged 27/0/15
Mary Bittie, w. Charles, d. 1890
Sarah. dau. Francis & Sarah d. 10/14/1857, 34th year,
"Fallen-asleep but the morning cometh."
Sarah. w. Francis, d. 9/11/l868, 85th year "My Mother at rest."
Theresa, d. 11/17/1869. 55th year. "All is Well."

ORR. John Jacob. 1//25/1818 - 11/11/1877.

OWEN. Elizabeth K. 1857 - 1919.
John. 1816 - 1884
Sarah. 1812 - 1891.
William H. 1854 - 1924 .(Owen-Jackson mon.)

PALMER. Anna M. dau. John & Hannah, d. l865, 33rd. year.
Charles Bittie, 2nd. 1906-1933.
Hannah M. Bittle. w. John, 12/11/1842 - 9/9/lS92. "Mother at rest."
Isaac. 1868 - 1916.
John. 10/12/1822 - 12/l6/l893. "Father at rest".
M. Eleanor. w. Charles, d. 10/10/1940.
Mary A. d. 11/27/1878, aged 2/4/17.

PARKER. Emma C. w. Russell, 1888 - 1918

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PASTORIUS. France Jane. w. Francis Daniel of Germantown, dau. John & Eliza Beaver of Chester Valley, 1/12/1838 - 9/9/1884. "Hold her Oh Father in Thine Arms and let her henceforth be a messenger of love between Our human hearts and Thee."

PEARCE. Mary. w. Col. Cromwell & dau. Jolin & Hannah Bartholomew, d. 11/1/1812 aged 70/0/21.
"In full communion with the Prostestant (sic) Episcopal Church,of which she was a pious member and in the varied relation of daughter, sister and wife exhibited all those affections adorn the female character and a firm believer in the divine truth of the Christian religion" (Altar-tomb) S. (No other inscription).

PECHIN. Lillian. w. John R. 1873 - 1926.
John R. 1869 - 1933.
Mary C. w. Robert W. 9/7/1835 - 5/26/1873.
Robert w. 2/15/1831 - 4/19/1901.
Dr. Robert W. 1893 - 1933.
Warren R. 1865 - 1925, priv. Co. I, 6th Pa. Inf. Spanish-American war, (Flag)

PECK. Stuard C. 1859 - 1912.

PERRY. Sallie. w. Risdon J. d. 4/9/1867, aged 42/2/26.

PETERMAN. Priscilla. 10/8/1820 - 6/24/1905.

PETTY. Rachel. w. Wm., 1824 - 1889.
William. 11/18/1823 - 2/16/1902. "Resurgam" (Joint mon. with Rachel).

PHILIPS. Catherine, d. 8/27/1747, aged 64 years. (Altar-tomb).
"Hither come, for here is found Balm for every bleeding wound Peace which ever shall endure Rest eternal, sacred, sure."
Elizabeth, w. Samuel, d. 1/26/1782, 63rd. year.
Samuel. d. 11/l9/l738, 74th year.
Samuel, d. 2/7/1851, aged 80/4/29.
"Watch,therefore, for we know not that Hour your Lord doeth come.
Come, saith Jesus' sacred voice
Come and make my paths your choice
I will guide you to your home
Weary pilgrims, hither come."

PHILLIPS. David. 8/6/1752 - 9/20 "in the year of our Lord" 1825. Aged 73.
David. s. David & Margaret, 7/23/1785-1/11/1844
Jacob. s. David & Margaret, d.11/29/1818, aged 19/8/23.
Jonathan,(Deacon).d. 10/4/1829, 73rd. Year.
"Watch tis your Lord's command

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PHILLIPS. Jonathan, (Continued)
"Watch tis your Lord's Command
O happy servant he
In such a posture found
He shall see his Lord with Rapture
And be with honour crowned."
Kezia. w. Samuel, d. 1/26/1782 66th, year.
Margaret. w. David, 9/17/1757 - 7/10/1843, aged 85/9/23.
Rest in peace Slumber Rest
Until the resurrection morn
When Christ shall bid the dust arise
To meet its kindred in the skies."
Mary V, w. Deacon Jonathan.
Deacon Samuel D. 12/11/1790 - 11/20/1863.
Sarah H. w. Thomas. d. 5/28/l828, aged 25/8/10.
Theedosa. W. Samuel D. 11/7/1791 - 5/8/1873, aged 82/6/1.

PLATT. Gertrude F. d. 2/28/l921, 21st year. "Gone but not forgotten."

POTTER. Edwin H. 1849 - 1906.
Harriet. w. Henry, d. 1/22/1871, aged 64/6/25.
"No more thy soothing voice our anguish cheers
Thy placid eyes with smiles, no longer glow
Our hopes to cherish, and allay our fears
'Tis met that we should mourn ----- our tears".
Henry Sr. 7/21/1811 - 12/12/1891.
Henry. s. Henry, Sr. d. 8/10/1879, aged 36/1/10. "He served his country during the whole of the late rebellion up to the surrender and when discharged was Lieut. of Co. F 155th Regt. Penna. Vol." (G.A.R. flag).
John M. 1834 - 1899.
Corp. Joseph. s. Henry, Sr. d. Fairville, Va. 8/17/1865, aged 18/11/8: 188th Pa. Vol. (G.A.R. flag).
Lawrence A. s. William, 1901 - 1930. (Am. Legion flag).
Sarah Lewis. "2nd. w. John M. 1843 - 1918.
Teressa. dau. Henry & Harriet, d. 10/5/1841, aged 2/10/3.

PRINTUP. Mary P. w. Jacob, d. 9/lO/185O, aged 41/1/l9.
"She was a Member of the Baptist Church of Sweet Water, Warren County, Ga. at the time of her death. She died in Faith."

PUGH. Amanda M. dau. Edward & Rachel, d. 9/2/1861, aged 7/7/15.
"A little time on earth she spent
Til God for her the angels sent
And then she calmly closed her eyes
To wake in glory in the skies."
Anna. 3/22/1783 - 1/3/1871. "Mother".
Annie Blanch. dau. Wm. H. & Mary, d. 9/5/1861, aged 2/6/0,
"My sweet Child, my buried treasure
Is not lost but gone before
To the realms of endless pleasure
There we'll meet to part no more."

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PUGH. (Continued)
Caroline W. d. 4/1/1903
Edward, Sr. 12/16/1777 - 9/14/1864. "Father."
Edward/ 12/3/1810 - 9/14/1887. "Peace be still."
Eleanor. consort John, d. 12/15/1826, aged 44 years.
"Though in dust I lay my head
Ye gracious God thou will not leave
My flesh forever with the dead
Nor lose thy children in the grave
Beloved friend fare you well
Pray watch the gracious Saviour's call."
Eleanor.- dau. T. .& E, d. 10/21/1815, aged 5th year.
Eliza Ella. dau. Edw. & Rachel, d. 6/9/1864, aged 24/5/11.
"Let me go I cannot tarry
Angels waiting sent to carry
Father, mother weep not so
If you love me let me go."
Eliza H. d. 1/l9/l835, aged 14 years.
Ellen Rebecca. only dau. J.M. & Emmaline.
George R. d. 7/10/1850, aged 10 years.
John. 1/27/l782 - 11/27/l842. "He has been an examplary (sic) member of the Great Valley Baptist Church more than 26 years, and a beloved Deacon of the same church more than 22 years.
"He is free from cares and troubles of life
From all its trials, afflictions and strife
His spirit has fled with angels to soar
Where sorrow and grief is no more."
John Dain. 6/2/1832 - 3/7/1866. (G.A.R. flag)
Dr. J.M. d. 9/24/l863,aged 51 years, "Thou art gone but not forgotten. Peace be to thee O my husband."
Joshua, d.4/24/1787, 45th year.
"O Death thy pangs are not Severe when once the Stroke is given Christ I hope has sent for me to dwell with him in heaven."
Martha. w. Jonathan, d. 11/12/1791, 27th year.
Mary. d. 9/l4/l826, 55th year.
Mary Ann. w. Charles, d. 10/6/l866, 56 years.
"She was a tender mother here
And in her life the Lord did fear
We trust our loss will be her gain
And that with Christ she is gone to reign."
Rachel. w. Edw. 11/9/1812 - 12/9/1873. "Mother."
Rebecca Ellen. d. 5/l0/1907. (Joint stone with Caroline W.)
William G.H. s. David & Theodosa, d. 3/21/1827, 9th year.

PYOTT, Phineas P. 1869-1928.

D.M. P., also B. & P.

(To Be Continued)


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