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Source: January 1981 Volume 19 Number 1, Pages 23–30

Nineteenth Century Burials in St. Peter's Churchyard
(from a compilation made by Ellen Gooding)

Elizabeth Rumrill

Page 23

In her monumental (pun not intended) task of the listing of the names, dates and epitaphs on the stones in the old Churchyard of the Church of St. Peter in the Great Valley, Miss Ellen Gooding numbered them in a systematic order, starting on the north and east side of the Church, No. 1 is that of Anna Margaret Nebhart, whose stone now forms the top step leading to the basement door of the 1952 addition to the Parish Hall.

While the period of her list goes 33 years beyond that recorded in Harold Donaldson Eberlein and Cortland VanDyke Hubbard's History, the latter is incomplete by as many as 135 names of those who died up to 1888. Miss Gooding also found and recorded many unmarked stones and unmarked graves.

The old Churchyard — the "acre" deeded in 1745 by Methusaleh Davis for St. Peter's Church — is that part of the present property surrounded by the stone wall. The Churchyard Extension came well after the Restoration in 1944.

Many of the old markers have foot-stones as well as head-stones, and it is interesting to see that the inscription was always on the outside of the stone; that is, one reads the marking from the head, not the foot of the grave.

Page 24

This was the old way. as used in the ancient burial ground of the Pilgrims (Burial Hill) in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The memorials were of limestone or marble, not granite. Many were slab stones, though some covered the entire grave, either level with the ground, or raised, some closed in on the four sides, others on "feet". In the very early burials, a rough stone was used, and often not marked at all.

The listing vhich begins in this issue is in alphabetical order by surname. It also includes 38 burials in the 20th century, the last in 1920.

In writing of the burials in St. Peter's Churchyard, it may not be inappropriate to mention here the use of that term to denote the burial place. Contrary to general usage, the word cemetery is incorrect; the two words are not synonymous. By definition, a Churchyard is a burial place connected with a Church; a cemetery is a place set apart for interment, with no such attachment.

The number following each entry in the list is that assigned it by Miss Gooding and indicates the order in which her list was systematically made up.


- A -

Eva Acnes 1881-1900 (on same stone as Robert T. Baer, Lewis Phillips, and Marguerite Phillips) (300)

In memory of John Adams who departed this life December 23, A.D. 1809, aged 76 years (353)

In memory of Davis Adams - Died Sept. 19th, 1858, aged 78 years & 8 months (354)

In memory of Mary Catherine W. daughter of Samuel & Mary Ahn, who departed this life March 8th, 1842, aged 2 years 2 months 7 days (15)

In memory of Henry Munshower, son of Samuel & Mary Ahn, who departed this life Nov. 24th, 1851, aged 14 years 5 mo. & 17 days (4)

Sacred to the memory of Samuel Ahn Sr. who departed this life March 25, 1871 In the 71st year of his age (3)

Sacred to the memory of Mary W. Ahn, who departed this life Aug. 15, 1873 in the 75th year of her age (2)

Page 25


- B -

Robert T. Baer 1851-1895 (on same stone as Eva Acnes, Lewis Phillips, and Marguerite Phillips) (300)

In memory of Catherine Barrington wife of Henry Barrington, who departed this life December 17th 1802, aged 50 years (425)

Sacred to the memory of Catherine Beaver, wife of Daniel Beaver, who departed this life February 5th, A.D. 1871, aged 75 years and 1 day (230)

Sacred to the memory of Daniel Beaver, who departed this life October 22, A.D. 1861 aged 72 years 5 months & 15 days (231)

In memory of Elizabeth, wife of William Blackwell, who died Dec. 19th, 1854, aged 85 years 9 months and 5 days (76)

In memory of William Blackwell, died November 27th, 1856, aged 77 years (77)

George Blackwell, son of William & Elizabeth Blackwell - Born Sept. 21st, 1807, died July 11th, 1868, aged 60 years 9 months and 20 days (78)

Thomas M. Bloom - Private Co. I, 51st Pa. Vol. died March 22, 1897, aged 86 years (24)

Eliza Ann Boon, died Nov. 25, 1872, aged 76 years. Wife of John P. Boon (36)

In memory of Ezekiel Bowan, who departed this life November the 16th, 1805 In the 72nd year of his age (344)

Benjamin Bowen (345)

Ruth Bowen (346)

Sacred to the memory of Rebecca Boyle Wife of Robert Boyle, who departed this life January 31st, 1854. Aged 59 years 4 months and 5 days (392)

Lewis G, Bull Jr Born June 27, 1843 Died Nov. 4, 1881 (130)

John J. Bull Born February 29, 1820 Died January 10, 1878 (131)

Louis G. Bull Sr Born July 27, 1806 Died Dec. 26, 1898 (132)

Sarah Rush Bull, wife of Lewis G. Bull Born May 10, 1806 Died Sept. 8. 1887 (133)

Page 26

Sallie, daughter of Louis G. & Sarah R. Bull Born December 23, 1838 Died Mar. 1, 1868.

He giveth His beloved sleep (134)

In memory of John G. Bull Born April 26, 1772 Died March 13, 1846 Aged 73 years 10 months and 17 days (135)

In memory of Sarah Bull Born Aug. 22nd, 1780 Died Feb. 26th, 1837 Aged 56 years 6 months and 4- days (136)

In memory of Sarah G. Bull Died March 27, 1827 in the 76th year of her age (137)


- C -

William Carson Died April 11th 1877 in the 76th year of his age (158)

Sacred to the memory of Thomasine, daughter of William and Mary Richison, wife and relict of James Bones, afterward wife of William Carson. Died June 23rd 1871, aged 80 years 2 months and 21 days (159)

John Clift Died Dec. 7, 1860 Aged 67 years

Afflictions sore long time he bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God did please
To give him ease
And free him from his pain (347)

Henry Ridgway Coates 1835-1917 Sergeant Major 97 R.V.V. 2nd Brigade 2nd Div 10 R.A.C. (341)

(Mother) Gertrude P. wife of Henry R. Coates Died Jan. 2, 1883 Aged 44 years (342)

Edwin C. died April 30, 1872 Aged 27 days
Maggie P. died Sept. 10, 1874 Aged 10 mos. & 10 days
Bessie L. died June 30, 1875 Aged 6 mos. & 22 days
Mary A. died May 9, 1881 Aged 2 years 10 mos. & 12 days
Henry Shreve died June 24 1886 Aged 9 years 8 months & 7 days
Preston A. Coates 1862-1891 (343)

James Colbirt Died April 22, 1894. Aged 75 years (87)

In memory of Deborah M. Coy, consort of Thomas M, Coy, who departed this life October 11th, 1825, aged 37 years & 13 days (269)

Harry, son of John & Martha Curry, died Oct. 7th, 1863 Aged 14 mos.

"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" (224)

Page 27

John Stanley, son of John & Martha Curry, Died Sept. 23, 1865 Aged 7 years 5 mos. & 19 days

"Love cannot die" (225)

In memory of Our Father John Curry Died July 6, 1904 in the 75th year of his age (227)

In memory of Our Mother Martha Darragh, wife of John Curry Died Jan. 31, 1918 in the 86th year of her age (228)

In memory of Henry Curry Died Aug. 18, 1914 In the 76th year of his age 1st Lieut. Co. B, 8th Reg't. Del. Inf. Vol. (229)


- D -

Milton P. Davis Died July 22, 1885

When we all meet at home in the morning
with our Blessed Redeemer to be;
when we know and are known by our loved ones
What a meetimg indeed that will be (142)

Catherine R. Davis Born February 17, 1792 Died April 30, 1874 (143)

Sampson Davis Born June 3, 1789 Died June 30, 1862 (144)

Margaret Dunn Died March 7, 1892 In the 81st year of her age (226)


- E -

In memory of Isabella B. Elliot born October 11th 1800 died December 14th 1826 aged 26 years 2 months and 3 days (138)

Matilda Emery departed this life August 13, 1839 Aged 20 years 6 mo. 20 days (315)

Levi Emery aged 10 years

Charles A. Emery aged 4 years (314)


- F -

John Famous 1807-1885 (247)

Susan Famous 1817-1860 (248)

J. C. F. (small stone) (249)

P. F. (small stone) (250)

Page 28

In memory of Margaret Famous, daughter of Ebenezer and Magdalene Rambo, who departed this life June 11th 1836, aged 20 years and 10 months

Afflictions sore long time I bore
Physicians were in vain
But God alone heard my moan
And eased me of my pain

Now in my grave I rest in hope
And in my Saviour trust
That I to glory must arise
From this my sleeping dust (251)

In memory of Susanna, wife of John Famous, who departed this life March 9th 1869 Aged 84 years 5 months and 11 days
"There remaineth a rest for the people of God" (252)

In memory of John Famous Sen. who departed this life November 7th 1834 Aged 58 years 11 months and 11 days (253)

In memory of Hiram, son of John & Susanna Famous, who died March 29th 1833 aged 48 years 9 months and 13 days (254)

In memory of Sophia, daughter of John & Susanna Famous, who died January 20th 1833 Aged 23 years 3 months and 11 days (255)

In memory of Catherine Ann, daughter of John & Susanna Famous, who died October 27th 1832 Aged 16 years 6 months and 26 days [256)

In memory of Horatio G., Son of John & Susanna Famous, who died January 9th 1831 Aged 12 years 3 months and 6 days (257)

In memory of John B. Famous, the son of Samuel and Louisa Famous (258)

In memory of Samuel Famous, son of John & Susanna Famous, who departed this life June 29, 1833 Aged 27 years 5 months and 20 days (259)

In memory of Jacob, son of John & Susanna Famous, who departed this life May 9th 1839 Aged 27 years & 26 days (260)

Lizzie, daughter of Samuel & Esther M. Finch Born October 27th 1850 Died February 10th 1856 (238)

In memory of John Francis, who departed this life Feb'y the 9th A0D. 1809 aged 90 years (4H)

Michael Friel Died November 10, 1893 aged 75 years

"At Rest" (32)

Mary E. Frock 1831-1914 (on same stone as Catherine Wersler) (184)

Page 29


- G -

Sacred to the memory of the Rev. John Gemmil V.D.M., who departed this life December 14th, 1814 Aged 54 years

His eminent abilities as a Teacher of the religion of Jesus Christ, His social virtues and His private worth and His superior attainments in science are enshrined in the fond recollection of his numerous and bereaved admirers. His patriotism and public services are recorded in the annals of his country, (Revolutionary soldier) (320)

Father D. Howard Green Born Feb. 22, 1S26 Died Dec. 11, 1899 (374)

Ellen E. Snyder. wife of David H, Green Died Feb. 14, 1897 In her 65th year (375)

Our Baby, Susie S., daughter of D. H. & Ellen E. Green Born Feb. 15, 1869 Died March 27, 1870

Gone but not forgotten
God needed one more angel child
To join his shining band
He gently stooped with loving hand
and clasped Susie' s hand (376)

Our Mother Rachel M. Griffith Born Nov. 16th 1817 Died May 1st 1891 (80)

Our Father Samuel M. Griffith Born May 24th 1817 Died Nov. 28th 1855 (81)

Griffith - Hannah C. 1820-1899 (286)

In memory of Harriet B. Griffith Died March 19, 1858 Aged 34 years and 20 days

John Henry, son of William H. & Harriet R. Griffith Died March 25 1858 Aged 4 years 6 months 8 days (287)

In memory of John Griffith Died Jan. 10 1858 Aged 29 years 9 months & 2 days (288)

Sacred to the memory of Marian B. Griffith who died December the 2nd 1856 aged 72 years 1 month and 18 days (289)

Sacred to the memory of Henry Griffiths who died Oct. 16, 1848 aged 39 years & 5 days (290)

John H., son of Thomas & Mary A. Griffith Born March 18, 1847 Died May 9th 1864. (291)

Page 30

Sarah E., daughter of Thomas & Mary A. Griffiths Born February 1st 1862 Died March 20th 1865 (292)

Griffith -Maurice G. 1827-1912 (299)

In memory of Sarah Allen, daughter of Jesse & Rebecca Gyger Born Oct. 3 1836 Died Oct. 15 1902 (232)

In memory of Jesse Gyger Died August 29, 1855 Aged 60 years 7 months & 29 days (23-4)

In memory of Rebecca K.. wife of Jesse Gyger, who departed this life December 19th, A.D. 1863 Aged 67 years & 25 days (235)

In memory of Davis, son of Jssse & Rebecca Gyger, who departed this life November 4th 1842 aged 17 years & 28 days (236)

In memory of Rebecca, daughter of Jesse and Rebecca Gyger Died July 31st 1860 Aged 27 years and 2 onths

"God is LOVE" (237)

(to be continued)



In the listing of eighteenth century burials at the Church of St. Peter in the Great Valley in the previous issue of the Quarterly there was one omission. To the thirty-seven 18th century burials listed should also be added

In memory of Ann Davis who died Jan. 19th, 1748, aged 26 years

O always think that you may die
By faith and love Christ
Live just and godly every day
So death to you'll be peace and joy


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