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Source: April 1981 Volume 19 Number 2, Pages 57–64

Nineteenth Century Burials in St. Peter's Churchyard

Elizabeth Rumrill

Page 57

In, picking up the thread of the nineteenth century burials at St. Peter's, Miss Ellen Gooding tells an interesting story concerning the Ven. Jules Prevost.

Sometimes, she reported, the epitaph on a stone would be in Latin, of which she had no knowledge. In a case like this, the Rector would translate the inscription for her. She can see him now, down on his hands and knees in front of the stone. He was a big man, both tall and broad, so it made quite a picture!

To complete a task as large as the one Miss Gooding so willingly undertook consumed many hours. At the time, she lived on a farm in the Valley. Driving to St. Peter's to Church in a horse and buggy, she would come well before time for the Service to work in the Churchyard.

Her mare's name was "Bess", a spirited horse. Her father cautioned her not to tie her, for he knew Bess would only break the bridle. One Sunday, Miss Gooding has recalled, Bess grew tired of waiting; it all seemed just too long. When she came out of Church, Bess wasn't there — she had gone home!

In this issue, we continue our listing of the nineteenth century burials in the Churchyard, beginning with the letter "H".

Page 58


- H -

In memory of William Dinfant, son of Samuel & Angeline Hall, who died Jan. 24th 1850 aged 6 mo. & 10 days (65)

In memory of Mary Hall, wife of John Hall, who departed this life April 9th 1813 Aged 53 years (318)

William W. Infant son of J. A. & C. M. Hamer Died April 17, 1878 aged 2 weeks (145)

Milton W. Son of James & Charlotte Hamer (146)

Dear Husband and Father James A. Hamer Died October 5, 1892

Soon life's springtime will be over
And its autumn days will come
Happy then will be those workmen
Who have sheaves to carry home (147)

Dear Wife and Mother Charlotte Hamer died December 14, 1898

Thro' the gates to the city, in a robe of spotless white
He will lead me where no tears shall ever fall
In the glad song of ages I shall mingle with delight
I long to meet my Saviour first of all
God bless us all together
God bless us and save us (148)

Mary M., Daughter of James A. & Charlotte M. Hamer Died August 12, 1915

I am thinking today of that beautiful land
I shall reach when the sun goeth down
When thro' wonderful grace by my Saviour I stand
Will there be any stars in my crown (149)

Amelia Emma, daughter of Davis & Amelia E. Hampton departed this life July 2nd, 1858 aged 2 years 2 mo. & 20 days (267)

(Father) (Mother) In loving remembrance of John Hampton died Jan. 3, 1858 aged 55 years
Mary H. Hampton Died Feb. 8, 1901 aged 101 years. 5 mos. and 14 days (268)

In memory of James Hampton Died Feb. 29, 1872, in the 50th year of his age (281)

Sarah, wife of James Hampton Died March 29, 1889 In her 65th year (282)

In memory of Bernard Hampton Died March 12, 1872 In the 74th year of his age (283)

Page 59

In memory of Mary Ann, wife of Bernard Hampton Died Aug. 12, 1861 aged 48 years and 4 days (284)

George W. Hampton Battery C., 1st Pa. Rev. Light Artillery Born Dec. 4,1845 Died July 3, 1917

"At Rest" (317)

In memory of Elizabeth Harris Born March 12th, 1767 Died July 31st, 1853

Angelic purity and holiness Of character meriting the love of all who knew her. Her trust was in Jesus. (273)

In memory of Margaret Harris Born January 19th, 1749 Died December 24th, 1844 (433)

Our Father Jonathan B. Hartman Born June 30th, 1845 Died August 5, 1881 Aged 36 years 1 month and 5 days

"May he rest in peace" (213)

Charlotte D., wife of George W. Heins, and daughter of Evan F. & Anna R. Johns Died May 25th, 1868 aged 26 years and 2 months

"I will give thee a Crown of Life"

also their infant Lotta W. Heins

"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven" (154)

Mary E., Daughter of George W. & Elizabeth B. Houseman Died April 8, 1912 (71)

Hannah B., daughter of George W. & Elizabeth B. Houseman Died Nov. 2, 1900 (72)

Elizabeth B., wife of George W. Houseman Born March 28, 1812 Died Nov. 18, 1901 In her 90th year (73)

George W. Houseman Born March 1, 1811 Died June 17, 1889 aged 78 years (74)

In memory of Elizabeth S. Houseman died February 7th, 1855 aged 75 years (75)

Thomas W. Howard April 18, 1812 February 8, 1890 (203)

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Howard departed this life May 23rd, 1853 aged 45 years 7 months and 5 days (205)

In memory of Thomas, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Howard died March 17, 1846 aged 1 year 8 months & 14 days (207)

Sacred to the memory of James Howard who departed this life April 1st, 1845 In the 29th year of his age (208)

Page 60

In memory of Henryette L., daughter of Wm. & Phebe Howard died April 14, 1848 aged 1 year 1 month & 7 days (209)

William H., son of William & Phebe Howard died July 17, 1849 aged 1 year (210)

John Hickman, son of William & Phebe Howard Died Sept, 11, 1859 aged 12 months & 17 days (211)

Willie L., son of William & Phebe Howard Died May 5, 1864. aged 2 years 5 months & 5 days (212)

In memory of Rees Howell who departed this life July the 11th 1810 in the 54th year of his age

Come silly mortal take thy stand
Here view the world unknown
Nor would you wish me in your hand
Or in God's alone

My innocence to rest is gone
In preference to you
Remember tho' my work is done
That yours is yet to do (430)

In memory of John Howell, son of David and Mary Howell, who departed this life July 20th, 1826 Aged 62 years 4 mos. and 12 days (431)

Hannah Howell aged 18 months (432)

In memory of Mary Hudson died Sept. 10th, 1828 aged 32 years (83)

In memory of Robert Hudson died Nov. 25th, 1840 aged 15 years 10 mo. 24 days (85)


- J -

In memory of Mary John Born Sept. 26th, 1772 Died March 13th, 1859

So all the emblems of love are here
May she rest in peace (274)

Evan F. Johns Died February 6th, 1868 Aged 57 years 5 months and 26 days

When this Earthly House is dissolved I have a habitation not made with hands eternal in the Heavens (155)

Anna R, Johns, wife of Evan F. Johns Died October 28, 1896

In God I have found a retreat
Where I can securely abide
No refuge or rest so complete
And there I intend to reside (156)

Page 61

Wilmer E. Johns, only son of Evan F. and Anna R. Johns Died March 25, 1867 Aged 19 years 6 months & 13 days

"He Giveth His Beloved Sleep" (157)


- K -

Ira Keller 1845-19
Abbie R. Howard His wife 1850-1912 (46)

In memory of Mary P., wife of P. Morris Kenzie Died Oct, 10th 1864 Aged 29 years 10 months and 7 days (233)

In memory of Margaret King, Consort of Joseph King, who departed this life November the 13th, 1822 In the 45th year of her age

Oh, thou whose Consort Virtuous Parent dear
Thy name in silence has often caused a tear
She has gone to meet us there, no more on earth is my best beloved, whose heavenly mind genius to virtue, strength to softness are led to this blest shade, where rests thy languid head (407)

W. K. By side of Margaret King 1891 (406)

Mary Kirkner 1840-1918 (Mother) (241)

Robert Kirkner 1837-1904 (Father) (242)

Joseph Kirkner Born Jan, 8, 1804. Died Oct. 12, 1891 (277)

Catherin Kirkner Born May 9, 1809 Died Sept. 12, 1890 (278)

Albert R., son of J & E F Kirkner Mar. 29, 1900 May 11, 1916

"God is Love" (335)

Emma Reva, daughter of Jeremiah & Esther T. Kirkner 1883-1909 (336)

Stephen H. 1895-1898
Edward O. Infant 1898 (337)
(Children of Jeremiah & Esther T. Kirkner)

Robert L., Son of Jas. & Bettie M. Kirkner Died Aug. 13, 1888 Aged 5 months (378)

In memory of William Kungle who departed this life October 9th, A.D. 1824 in the 65th year of his age (49)

In memory of Mary, wife of William Kungle, who departed this life August 21st A.D. 1835 In the 55th year of her age (50)

Page 62

Elizabeth G., daughter of William & Eliza Kungle who departed this life Oct. 29th, 1849 aged 11 years 5 mo's and 4 d'ys

Suffer little children to come unto Me and forbid them not,
for such is the Kingdom of Heaven (52)

Eliza, wife of William S. Kungle Born Nov. 10, 1815 Died Aug. 19, 1857 Aged 47 years 9 mo's 7 d'ys

Afflictions sore five weeks she bore
Physicians all in vain
Till Christ did please to give her release
And free her from all pain (53)

William L. Kungle Born July 4, 1809 Died May 1, 1889

"At Rest" (54)


- L -

Our Mother Margaret, wife of the late Henry McDonald and of the late Abraham Lapp Died Nov. 13th, 1853 In the. 43rd year of her age (37)

Mary A. Lawrence 1807-1891 (295)

Joshua Lawrence 1801-1874 (296)

Mary C. wife of Smith Lawrence 1840-1900 (297)
Hannah C. Lawrence 1860-1866 (297)

T. Smith Lawrence 1833-1912 (298)

Our Mother Mary T. Lewis, wife of Jonathan T. Lewis & daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Thomas In her 40th year d, Aug. 25, 1853

Be ye also ready for in such as ye think not the Son of Man cometh Matthew 24, Chapt.; 44th Verse (204)

Hannah M. Rossiter, wife of Eugene Lewis 1857-1918 (218)

J. Howard, son of Eugene & Hannah M. Lewis died Jan. 10, 1895 aged 7 mos.

"Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven" (219)

In memory of Roger Little who departed this life Oct. 1st, 1819 In the seventieth year of his age (Revolutionary Soldier) (361)

In memory of Mary Little who departed this life May 11th, 1841 In the seventy-ninth year of her age (362)

In memory of George Little who departed this life October 25th, 1819 In the 21st year of his age (363)

Page 63

In memory of John Little who departed this life May 30th, 1821 In the 24th year of his age (364)

J. L. (small stone) (365)

In memory of Ann Little died Dec. 14th, 1847 aged 4 months & 15 days (366)

Mary J., daughter of William & Ann Little Born July 1, 1843 Died July 27, 1863 (367)

Anna Chrisman. wife of William Little Born May 21st, 1810 Died Aug. 28th, 1876 (368)

William Little, Born Sept. 27th, 1801 Died March 25th, 1879 (369)

Ruth Ann Llewellyn, daughter of Thomas & Ann Llewellyn 1827-1897
Thomas Llewellyn 1782-1865
Ann Griffith, wife of Thomas Llewellyn 1789-1854 (93)

In memory of Susanna Llewellyn died February 27, 1862 aged 74 years 2 months and 17 days (96)

In memory of William Llewellyn Jun. who died November 28th, 1844 In the 61st year of his age (97)

In memory of William Llewellyn who died November 25th, 1825 in the 77th year of his age (Revolutionary Soldier) (98)

In memory of Susanna, wife of William Llewellyn, who died May 28th, 1834, in the 87th year of her age (99)

In memory of Hannah Lloyd Departed this life Oct. 9th, 1856 In the 82nd year of her age (101)

Sacred to the memory of Rebecca Lloyd who departed this life May 10th, 1852 In the 90th year of her age (102)

Sacred to the memory of John Lloyd who departed this life Oct. 21st, 1827 in the 68th year of his age (103)

Sacred to the memory of William Lloyd who departed this life Dec. 1st, 1820 In the 88th year of his age (104)

Sacred to the memory of Rachel Lloyd, wife of William Lloyd, who departed this life December 4th, 1820 In the 85th year of her age (105)

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Lloyd who departed this life May 28th, 1829 In the 52nd year of her age (106)

Page 64

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Lloyd who departed this life March 12th, 1832 In the 66th year of her age (107)

Sacred to the memory of Josiah Lloyd who departed this life Febru­ary 29th, 1840 In the 67th year of his age (108)

Sacred to the memory of Amos Lloyd who departed this life February 22nd, 1843 In the 73rd year of his age (109)

Sacred to the memory of Mary Lloyd who departed this life March 3rd, 1849 In the 85th year of her age (110)

(to be continued)



After Miss Gooding completed her compilation, a letter was received from an Elizabeth Crawford, living in Los Angeles and a descendant of a "Bathsheba Morgan Gronow", dated May 29, 1927. It read, in part,

"My dear Sirs: I have been trying to locate and place, one Bathsheba Gronow, who was Bathsheba Morgan, born 1719. Who was her mother and date of birth?

"In Builds family History, her burial place is given as your graveyard. Especially do I desire to know whose daughter she is.

"I also desire information in regard to Lewis Grono or Gronow and John his son, who was the husband of Bathsheba. When John was buried, date also of his wife's burial, month of birth if possible, of all. ..."

Grave No. 428 as numbered by Miss Gooding, as reported in the previous issue, is listed as "Bath Cronow". In the Eberlein and Hubbard History it is also recorded as "Bathsd Cronow". (Gravestone No. 427, as recorded by Miss Gooding, is described as "Headstone markings cannot be distinguished.)

Is Bath Cronow really Bathsheba Gronow?

There is record that a John Gronow was a vestryman from 1743 to 1776, and that Lewis Gronow was a vestryman from 1771 to 1776, but there is no record of their burials or other dates. In the History of Chester County by Futhey and Cope there is also a reference to Lewis Gronow, as well as to John. Many Morgans are also listed, but Bathsheba does not appear among them.

Thus it would seem that Cronow should probably be Gronow,, However, we still do not have answers to the other questions in the letter.


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