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Source: January 1982 Volume 20 Number 1, Pages 29–34

Nineteenth Century Burials in St. Peter's Churchyard

Elizabeth Rumrill


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At the time "Bess" took herself home, leaving Miss Ellen Gooding in the churchyard, the Chester Valley was farm country, and St.Peter's occupied a rather remote spot. There were no signs to lead one to it - one had to know where to turn off Swedesford Road.

No doubt many who lived on the "ridge" of the South Valley Hill knew about it, though, for in 1908 the Rev. Alden W. Quimby had written Valley Forge - A Tale. St. Peter's enters into the story, which is told as of 1777. Though certainly fanciful to a certainextent, it is based on fact; Mr. Quimby (beside being a Methodist clergyman and an able amateur astronomer) was a walker and talked to the people who lived in the valley. Their progenitors may well have gone to St. Peter's in its early days and known what life was like in this vicinity years and years ago.

Well into the twentieth century, and long before development of the valley, St. Peter's was known mostly to people who belonged to it, and whose parents and grandparents had known and loved the old Church. At the suggestion of the Ven. Jules Prevost, "Annual Days" were observed. They consisted of Service in the morning, followed by luncheon in the Parish Hall, and an address in the afternoon. Old friends of the Church returned each year. Started in 1913, they were held in June for several years. From 1926 to 1960 they occurred in September or October, but since that year the "Annual Day" has again been observed in June, and is now known as "St. Peter's Day".

On the following pages we conclude the listing of nineteenth century burials in St. Peter's churchyard as compiled by Miss Gooding.

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In memory of Mary P. Taylor, daughter of Ephraim & Rachel Taylor, who departed this life October 22nd, 1828, aged 7 years (124)

Abigail, daughter of Benjamin & Abigail Thomas, Born June 20, 1817, Died June 24, 1899 Aged 82 years (144

Emily, daughter of Benjamin & Abigail Thomas, Born August 2, 1822, Died February 2, 1908 Aged 85 years & six months (45)

In memory of Hannah Thomas, daughter of Benjamin & Abigail Thomas,who departed this life October 23, 1840 Aged 36 years and 8 months (206)

In memory of Benjamin Thomas Died Aug. 9th, 1825 Aged 52 years 2 mo's and 20 days
In the midst of life we are in death (396)

In memory of Abigail, wife of Benjamin Thomas Died May 23rd, 1861 Aged 83 years 2 mo's and 12 days
Reposing until the last trumpet's joyful sound
Then in my Saviour's image rise (397)

In memory of John W. Thomas, son of Benjamin & Abigail Thomas, who departed this life Aged 78 years 3 mo. and 21 days
He bore his afflictions with patience
And calmly fell asleep (398)

In memory of Ann, the wife of Robert Todd, who departed this life Maythe 1st, 1828 Aged 34 years 5 mo's and 3 days (176)

In memory of Sarah Ann Todd, daughter of Robert & Ann Todd Departed this life April the 9th, A.D. 1822 Aged 3 months 12 days (177)

Mary J., wife of Robert S. Todd Born May 31st, 1834 Died Dec. 21st, 1914 (28)

Robert Smith Todd Born Aug. 13, 1834 Died Feb. 1, 1900
Gone but not forgotten (29)

Agnes J. Tucker born June 10, 1838 died Jan. 27, 1903
At rest (301)

Hannah Tucker born June 1, 1797 died May 11. 1862
At Rest (302)

John Tucker born Aug. 11, 1796 died Jan. 23, 1883
At Rest (303)

Martha H. Tucker born Dec. 2, 1838 died Feb. 28, 1904
At Rest ("304)

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Our Mother Hannah Walker
Dear children too your mother kind
Must go and leave you here behind
May Jesus deign your soul to raise
To join and sing his lasting praise (30)

Henry Walley Died August 27, 1865 aged 71 years
"I know that my Redeemer liveth" (265)

Samuel Steele Walley Died February 13, 1860 aged 75 years (266)

In memory of Mary Ann Ward died February 25th, 1853 aged 32 years 7 months & 20 days (84)

Sacred to the memory of Robert Watkin who departed this life October 14th A.D. 1825 Aged 67 years (758)

John, son of Robert and Sarah Watkin Died Aug. 29, 1858 Aged 71 years 8 mo's & 25 days (169)

In memory of Sarah Miller, daughter of Jesse & Catherine Watkin, who died Oct. 17th, 1845 aged 18 years 2 months & 20 days (170)

Sarah Watkin Died March 13, 1870 Aged 73 years (171)

In memory of Catharine, daughter of Robert and Sarah Watkin, who died Nov. 16th, 1811 aged 45 years 5 mo's & 16 days (172)

In memory of James Watkin who departed this life February 10th, 1856 aged 62 years (l73)

In memory of Catherine Watkin,. wife of Jesse Watkins, who departedthis life July 2nd, 1846 Aged 41 years 3 months & 30 days (174)

Mary Watkin died May 9, 1870 aged 70 years (175)

In memory of Frances B., wife of Isaac Weaver and daughter of Cromwell& Margaret Pearce, who departed this life August 15th, 1852 Aged 46 years (128)

In memory of Isaac Weaver who departed this life July 31st, 1863 aged 79 years 5 months & 8 days (129)

Maj. John G. Wersler Born Jan. 30, 1781 Died 1876
Also his wife Maria Born Aug. 4, 1786 Died May 25, 1880 (215)

In memory of George Wersler who departed this life May 14th, 1832 Inthe 81st year of his age (216)

In memory of Anna Maria Wersler who departed this life March 18th, 1831In the 80th year of her age (217)

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Catherine Wersler 1807 - 1897
Mary E. Frank Wersler 1831 - 1914 (184)

In memory of Elizah F. Wersler who died May 9th, 1853 Aged 41 years 3 mos and 13 days (185)

Walter, son of Harry & Maggie Whisler July 21, 1909 - Feb. 11, 1918
Sadly missed (377)

Our Father Moses Williams Born August 10th 1787 Died March 10th, 1869 (239)

In memory of Martha, wife of Moses Williams, who died May 7th, 1852 In the 61st year of her age (240)

In memory of David Williams, who departed this life September the 4th, in the year 1801 In the 63rd year of his age
My flesh shall slumber in the ground
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise
And in my Saviour's image rise (404)

In memory of Mary Williams, who departed this life March 11th, 1842, in the 76th year of her age
The Saint has left her dust behind
Her soul has fled to her dear Lord
Great is the power of living faith
Which she possessed through Jesus' blood.

While she is Thine in joys complete
Eternally will Christ adore
When soul and body will unite
Her bliss secured through Jesus' power. (12)

In memory of Thomas Willson Departed this life April 18, 1862 in the 90th year of his age
Rest dear father rest in slumber
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But his God that has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal (139)

In memory of Hannah Willson Born July 19, 1804. Died Oct. 20, 1888
"The end was Peace" (140)

Sacred to the memory of Sarah, wife of Thomas Willson departed this life June 8th, 1829, in the 44th year of her age
Dear relations do not weep
I am not dead but here do sleep
Within this solid lump of clay
Until the resurrection Day
And here my body must remain
Till Christ shall call me home again (141)

Page 33

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Willson who departed this life April 17th, 1826 In the 87th year of his age
Here also lies the remains of Elloner Willson, wife of Thomas Willson, who departed this life September 18th, 1823 In the 80th year of her age
Then why lament departed friends
Or shake at death's alarms
Death's but the servant Jesus sends
To call us to his arms (420)

In memory of Mary Willson, wife of Thomas Willson Jr., who departed this life November the 11th, 1801 in the 26th year of her age
My race is run, my life is done
And I lye in the ground
Entombed in clay until the day
I hear the trumpet's Sound (421)

In memory of Sarah Ann, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Wisner. was born March 18th, 1820, who departed this life Sept. 23rd, 1851 aged 31 years 5 months & 5 days
"How sweet to rest within the tomb
From pain released in heaven to bloom." (5)

In memory of William, son of Jacob & Ann Wisner, who died Dec. 24th, 1845 aged 40 years 5 months & 3 days (6)

In memory of Levi. son of Jacob & Ann Wisner. who departed this life December 17th. 1841 aged 34 years & 4 months (13)

In memory of John, son of Jacob & Ann Wisner. who departed this life March 26th, 1820 aged 24 years 6 months and 29 days (16)

In memory of Ann Wisner. the wife of Jacob Wisner, who departed this life January 2nd, 1810 aged 35 years 3 months and 16 days (17)

In memory of Catherine, daughter of Jacob & Ann Wisner, who departed this life November 17th, 1811 aged 4 years 8 months & 3 days (18)

In memory of Jacob Wisner who died December 26th, 1846 aged 85 years & 7 months (Revolutionary soldier) (19)

Sarah, wife of Jacob Wisner died March 14th, 1860 aged 82 years 10 months & 28 days (20)

William Wreath Died April 2nd, 1910 In his 33rd year (25)

William Wreath died April 4th, 1900 In his 66th year
Gone, but not forgotten (26)

Page 34

- Y -

In memory of Marshall D., son of Owen and Margaret Yarnall who departed this life December 10th, A.D. 1835 aged 24 years & 3 months
Be ye also ready for in such hour as ye think not, the son of Man cometh

How short the race our friend has run
Cut down in all his bloom
The course but yesterday begun
Now finished in the tomb (125)

Maggie P., daughter of David and Anna M. Young aged 14 years
Few the sturdy summers
For her path had shown
Ere the angels called her
To the far unknown. (339)

David B. Young 1825 - 1914
Anna M. Young 1830 - 1898 (340)



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