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Source: Winter/Spring 2007 Volume 44 Numbers 1&2, Page 3


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You have a History in Tredyffrin! If you have only lived in the Township for a short while you have 300 years of history around you. If you have been here 50 years your history is part of the Township's history.

2007 is the 300th anniversary of Tredyffrin's creation. This issue provides a history of the township based mainly on articles published by the Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society in its quarterly journal. For 70 years the Society's members have been researching and publishing articles on aspects of Tredyffrin's history. The history presented here is the result of teamwork of these past as well as present members of the Society.

There are still many areas of Tredyffrin history to be researched. Why not undertake some research yourself? You can also support historical research by becoming a member of the Historical Society.

This history would not have happened if many people had not given extensively of their time. Herb Fry acted as a consultant, always being at hand to answer questions using his in-depth knowledge of local history. J.B. Post and Scott Houting helped me obtain material from archives. Judy DiFillippo and Tredyffrin Township also provided material. Joyce Post gave me advice on formatting and editing the document. Sue Andrews, Bettes Silver-Schack, Craig TenBroeck, Roger Thorne, Kent Wagner, Patricia King, Duane Malm, Jack Kline provided feedback on drafts of the document. My wife, Kathleen King, was wonderfully supportive and assisted in many ways.

You have an extensive and interesting history in Tredyffrin. I hope this issue helps you to enjoy it.

Mike Bertram, Editor

Illustration from page 3

1792 map of Tredyffrin Township and its surrounding area


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