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The Last Days of William WolfeExpanded Web Version (1.9MB PDF)
Commemoration for the FallenPhoto Collection Slide Show (opens in new window)

The Commemoration for the Fallen, held on September 7, 2007 at St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley, was just that — a ceremony of commemoration rather than a reenactment. Barring the discovery of an explicit eyewitness account of the hasty burial of British Captain William Wolfe, two British enlisted men, and an unknown number of Americans, no one will ever know exactly what happened early on Sunday morning, September 21, 1777. The purpose of the Commemoration, after 230 years, was to honor the sacrifice made by both sides of the Revolution, especially as today the United Kingdom is America’s staunchest ally.

The Creation of a Tricentennial Celebration – Photo Collection slide shows (each opens in a new window):


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